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Melissa McCarty is an Emmy-nominated national correspondent and producer, specializing in news and crime reporting.

Career highlights: As a Las Vegas local news reporter, in under eight hours she, along with her photographer, busted an amateur prostitution ring, the night ended with the arrest of a gang-member/pimp. Melissa also garnered attention in Las Vegas when she obtained a rare jail-house murder confession during a one-day story turn. 

Her reporting has led to changes in Los Angeles city policies and made national headlines by captivating audiences with her bold reporting style. Some examples: while covering southern California wildfires, Melissa was burned by ember storms along the fire lines on live television; she's reported while trapped in the midst of active gun-fire; had glass shattered over her while covering LA riots; and she’s been live during life-saving rescues, floods, earthquakes and captures of murder suspects. Melissa has re-defined breaking news for the Los Angeles market, with CBS/KCAL creating a specialized shift for her and a photographer called SWAT. In one record-breaking day of her SWAT shift, Melissa was live in eight shows, in seven different locations.

During the course of three seasons as a correspondent for the Emmy-winning show "Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen," Melissa traveled the country ambushing accused killers, chasing after predators, and sharing the heartfelt stories of victims. In addition, Melissa contributed to the show as a writer and producer. She was given thirty minutes of national air-time to develop on her own, which resulted in an exclusive special episode, written, produced and reported by McCarty - a rare honor for a correspondent.  

Melissa has appeared as a commentator on shows such as "Dr. Drew" and "Ashleigh Banfield". She is also the featured storyteller in an HLN Originals "Sex and Murder" and "Real Life Nightmare". 

Melissa joined the historic national debut of "Central Ave" for its season one as its crime and justice correspondent.

She also portrayed a version of herself in roles for several television shows: "Chuck" on NBC, "Lie to Me" on FOX, "Big Love" on HBO, "Real Husbands of Hollywood" on BET and in the films: "In Sight" and "Coldwater Canyon.”

Her memoir “The Making of a Crime Reporter” is available on Audible, iTunes, Kindle and Amazon. The 8-part Audible series she wrote and produced on a famous celebrities death debuts this summer.